My name is Megan and I'm so happy to have you visit! Currently, my family and I (my handsome husband and our three beautiful children) live in San Diego. We love Jesus, love our family and friends, and love this crazy and adventurous journey that God has taken us on. Almost five years ago, God called us to move our lives from the Pacific Northwest to San Diego to be a part of a church plant here called Red Door. Now years later, God is calling us back to my husband's hometown to start a church in early 2017. It's a much longer story for another time and post! I've had multiple blogs over the years and for a number of reasons gave up the hobby after our second child was born. Lately, my husband and I have been asking God to show us what places, activities, and interests give us life, rest, and enjoyment. My mom sent me a link to an old blog post a few weeks ago and a light bulb went off in my head. I love to write and I miss using the gift it is to write down my thoughts and what God has been teaching me in a beautiful place. So here we are, my new blog, Megan Knight Writes - just musings of a daughter of our great God and the journey and path that he is taking me on. Hopefully using this space for God's glory will grow me and bless you!