You were made for this

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are made for."

Time is funny. There are always new things to try and old enjoyable pastimes are forgotten for a season. I started this blog a year and a half ago... I have only posted twice. This was a draft from over a year ago and I never posted it. I tend to start things and not finish them but I don't want that to be a reason that I don't pick it up and try again! 

I love that quote and that picture. I don't know where I heard that quote but if someone knows then please give them credit. I took that picture while our family walked around downtown San Diego. It was our last season living there and we were enjoying the harbor, the boats, and the warm sunshine. I love how this photo captures Chris. Tall, strong, and protective. Those little ones just holding on to their daddy's hands and exploring the world God made. 

The quote jumped out at me when I heard it. These boats in the picture are all safe but they aren't made to float passively in a safe place. Likewise, I am safe and comfortable in the "harbor" I can create for myself. We can all do this in different ways. Build walls around ourselves and protect ourselves from other people. Choose not to engage a hard topic of conversation. Never do something that draws you out of your comfort zone. 

This isn't how God calls us to live. Jesus did the uncomfortable. He chose excruciating death for the joy set before him of reconciling us to himself. We are called to follow after Christ, to imitate him. Even though it is challenging, hard, and uncomfortable, I don't want to be a ship in the harbor, never being used for my intended purpose.  I want to follow Jesus into the deep water because I am made for it. Enjoying every huge wave, every storm, every calm and peaceful sea because he is with me through it all. 

A picture tells a thousand words, right?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This picture is beautiful. 

We had an hour to create, enjoy each other, and have some peace and quiet while the boys slept. Even though her face is pure joy, the state of my heart was totally evil during this time. 

It's interesting how a picture like that says a thousand words. People who just saw it would probably think oh, what a wonderful mom. She took the time to create such a great craft with her child. Their life is probably perfect. They love each other so much. There isn't any conflict. Man, I wish our family was like that. I wish I did crafts with my kids. I wish I had a house in a field of wildflowers (haha.. just kidding, sort of). 

But that wasn't how it was and that's not how it is. 

I struggle daily to love my husband and children well. I struggle daily with frustration with circumstances. I struggle daily with my emotions controlling me instead of the love of Christ. I struggle daily with the fact that I am actually horrible at anything crafty which leads me to struggle with comparison and wanting my friend's gifts and talents. 

Throughout the time Siena and I had together today, I asked Jesus to lead me, I asked the Holy Spirit for more of him. I struggled with my emotions. Inside I felt so frustrated with the smallest things. Does this ever happen to you? You have a wonderful start to the day and then something happens and woah, the whole day then feels off and out of control? 

My friend Megan told me about Revelation Wellness (go look them up, they're incredible!) recently and I had my first experience on Monday with one of their podcasts. While you listen to the podcast, you basically choose your own activity and she's coaching you throughout with intervals and your own perceived rate of exertion. It was so filled with Jesus, scripture, and encouragement; it was wonderful! One of the things she said was that your emotions can be a tool that God uses in your life. They clue you in that you have stopped believing truth and the goodness of God. 

This afternoon I took that to heart and cried out to Jesus that he would help me. He heard my cry and even though things are not perfect (there are piles of dishes, piles of laundry, a messy kids room, and a crying one year old) my heart is starting to rest again in the truth of Jesus. 

Jesus lived perfectly in my place. I can NEVER live perfectly but he did it for me. He died the death I deserve because of my sin. Thank you Lord! He rose again to new life and he is day by day making the dead parts of my heart alive again too.
I am a broken, sinful, selfish person. But Jesus is a whole, perfect, selfless God and he laid it all down that I would be bought out of slavery to control and anger. 

He's amazing. 

Megan Knight Writes!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to my new blog Megan Knight Writes! I am so excited to have this space to write down reflections and thoughts. Get to know me on the about tab on the top and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Thankful for my mom who inspired me to get writing again after a long hiatus!

Have a wonderful and restful evening!